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Rainbow Fusing

Thursday, May 25th, 2006

Today I finished the layout of the middle section and did a light fuse. I tried to stand on a ladder to take a photo. Here is the best I could do:


I now have to do the top and bottom and then I will put it on the design wall to check the over all look and make any corrections before I do a final fuse and  do the quilting. I am quite happy with it so far. Even Mr. C was full of compliments.

I took some time off this morning to get my hair trimmed. Tonight we had dinner at a very interesting restaurant, Navarre. You are presented with a list of items and a pen and make out your own order. I liked it because you can get small plates and try lots of good things. We had Buffalo tritip (delish), scallops and lentils, crab cakes, braised greens,  wonderful, wonderful fresh salad greens, dressed perfectly, and bread and french cheese. Oh, and a fabulous Oregon Pinot Noir. One of the tings we love about Portland are the neighborhood restaurants. We go out every Thursday, and don’t have to deal with the week-end diners. We can usually walk in without reservations and we are sampling some wonderful food.