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Home Sweet Home

Monday, October 9th, 2006

Yesterday, I arose at 1 am East Coast time to make my flight back to Oregon. I flew from Syracuse to Chicago and then on to Portland, arriving at 10:30 am ?Ǩ amazing! I watched Prairie Home Companion and Cars, both delightful, and knitted with the occasional break to nibble on my $5 snack box (what a rip off!).

To say I was totally out of it after I arrived home, is the understatement. I checked in with both of my girls, checked the mail and took a nap. Speaking of my girls, Stephanie had a difficult situation happen with photos of Mia taken from her blog so she has closed Little Birds to all but family and now has Little Birds Handmade. The new link is on the right side of my blog. Stephanie had an extremely popular blog with thousands of visitors a day, including Martha Stewart employees! This really opened up exposure of the kids to a wide and diverse population. For now, I don’t think my meager readership poses a problem so will probably still continue to feature M & M, occasionally.

Back to my lost day, Mr C and I went to Trader Joe’s, where I purchased ingredients for pizza, including cornmeal pizza crust. After a pizza supper, I crashed with my knitting and stayed awake to watch The Amazing Race and Desperate Housewives (HILARIOUS) and then I crashed.

I must go back to opening the mail. There was a big priority mail envelope from this person. Inside, I found this: (Typepad is driving me crazy – I can’t get it to show the whole quilt, so click on it to read the abc’s)


This includes a wonderful ABC’s of Aging. I can follow all of them except for Going Grey – no way. Anyway, Judy, Thank you for the early birthday present. I love it and it will soon be on my Quilt Wall of Fame.

I had a wonderful time visiting my family and saying good-bye to my sister-in law. I leave you with some views from my sister’s deck which overlooks Little York Lake. Here is the morning view:


Here is the sunset view: