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A Long Over Due Rant

Tuesday, October 24th, 2006

I just voted. It’s true. I live in a state where we vote in the privacy of our home and stick our ballot in an envelope and mail it in. I heard on the news today that the sooner you send it in, the less likely your chances of being bugged by those annoying political phone calls. I am very happy to be living in such a forward thinking state and the greenest city in the country. A state where it is legal to have your doctor assist you in ending your life. I live in a neighborhood where political signs embracing liberal measures and candidates abound. It can give you a false sense of security.

This election is so critical. We are losing our moral fiber as a country. Quoting Molly Ivans: With
a smug stroke of his pen, President Bush has wiped out a safeguard
against illegal imprisonment that has endured as a cornerstone of legal
justice since the Magna Carta.
This is only one of the outrageous acts of an administration hell bent on turning us toward fascism. Those in power are perfect examples of how power corrupts. And don’t you just love the spin they are now putting on the war in Iraq, now that they realize how more and more of the country is no longer under their spell?

Mr C and I are news junkies. I love listening to Air America, the left wing radio station. Mr C keeps up with all of the news blogs and checks the polling data. It is nail biting time. The Democrats need to pick up 15 seats in the House and 6 seats in the Senate to bring some sanity back to Washington. One minute I hear that there will be huge losses for the Republicans and the next that the Republicans will sneak by and maintain control.

I can’t imagine how that could happen. I’ve said this before ?Ǩ If you are not outraged, you are not paying attention. If this country allows the Republicans to stay in control or if the Democrats can’t win back Congress, then not only are we screwed as a country, but we probably deserve what we will get. That is really sad to think about.

My advice to all of you: VOTE, VOTE, VOTE!!! Be part of the 2007 voting revolution.

SAD update. My Happy Light and Rise and Shine Light arrived today.I have the Happy Light on my computer desk. I was sitting by it for a while this afternoon when I decided I should read the brochure. It warns that you should use it in the morning for no more than 30 minutes otherwise it can cause sleeplessness and I read on-line that too much of the light can cause manic episodes in some people. Oh, oh ?Ǩ I better be careful I am feeling quite energetic tonight – yee hah! I have the rise and shine light all set up to start at 6:30 and to take 30 minutes to reach full light. I will report on that next time.

What have I been doing? I finished work on another Round Robin collage. Pictures tomorrow. I am also working on a piece for the Making Her Mark show. More on that later.