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Thursday This and That

Thursday, May 31st, 2007

I’ve been scanned, poked, pommeled, snipped and freeze dried. I am feeling as if my body should be eligible for a recall. I am paralyzed (not literally!) and getting nothing done. I had my annual check-up earlier this month which has led to further appointments. I had an osteoporosis scan on Tuesday morning. Then, in the afternoon, I saw a physical therapist for some help dealing with the lymphedema in my left arm.

A few years ago, I had bandaging and massage therapy and it was greatly improved. I was working out and controlling my weight and it was all good. After the move to Portland, I gained weight and stopped working out at the spa and the result is that the arm is now 1 inch larger than the right arm. So, we are going to try the therapeutic massage for 3 weeks. If that doesn’t work, I will need to do the bandaging again which consists of layers of gauze and three different sizes of ace bandages and it is not a good summer activity. So with me luck with the massage. I am doing self-massage with the help of Mr C at home and once a week treatments by a physical therapist. After two days of massage, I am already feeling less pain in the upper part of the arm and under the armpit so I think it is working.

Yesterday, it was time for the dermatologist to torture me. I had 3 spots on my face frozen and now have little red blisters. The spot on my shoulder was more suspicious so I have had a biopsy of that. Think good thoughts for me.

So, now that I have put you through my medical angst. Here is some good stuff. I had a good mail day on Tuesday. I won a little contest on Julaine’s blog by guessing what she used for discharging fabric — powdered chlorine cleanser, mixed with water. She sent me this wrist pincushion, which I love. Oh look, you can see how fat that arm and wrist is!!


I also received two new surface design Books Co-authored with Claire Benn and Leslie Morgan from the United Kingdom — Tray Dyeing and Breakdown Printing. They have also co-authored a book Jane Dunnewald — Finding your Own Visual Language, which I have ordered.


I also ordered these Joss papers that are used in ceremonies honoring ancestors in a number of Asian countries. Typically made from bamboo paper or rice paper, the papers are cut into squares and embellished with bright printing and gold and silver metallic squares. All of these goodies were ordered from Jane’s Complex Cloth website.


I don’t know what I am doing with them, but they are very lovely. Might try some paper in my collages.

So, this morning, I was ready to head to the studio and do some clean up and organizing and the mail man came with this!!


So much for getting anything done. I had to look at each page and read the artist’s statements and drool. Some of the works are so simple as to seem pedantic and too familiar. Others are complex and full of imagery and wonderful techniques. I decided to try to select my favorite. It had to be Patty Hawkins piece, “Getting Used to Dying Trees.” I have always loved her work. She does beautiful Aspen pieces.


So, another day is gone. I am off to get cleaned up and cover my wounds with some make-up and attend the last Thursday reception for the Columbia Stitchery Guild show. Tomorrow, tomorrow, there’s always tomorrow.