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So Why Do I Feel So Sad?

Tuesday, June 3rd, 2008

I have waited for so long for this night. I believe that Barack Obama will be the next president of our country. I will work very hard to help that happen. He gave an amazing speech and when you put it next to McCain’s lame attempt, there is no contest. We are fired up and ready to go.

I am sad because Stephanie called to tell me that Mia had an accident with Chester, their cat. She pulled him off their fence and broke his leg. They had a choice of amputating his leg or putting him down. They chose to save Chester, but it has been a traumatic and expensive evening for the family. Keep them in your thoughts.

I am also sad because of the lack of class that Hillary Clinton showed tonight by not letting Barack Obama have his night to celebrate his amazing achievement. Gloria Borger on CNN read a Hillary-supporter email saying that this “needed to be her night” and thus it was OK for her to perform the way she did.

To Jeffrey Toobin’s credit, he said “What are you TALKING ABOUT???”, saying that except for the “deranged narcissism of the Clintons” the point would be that she had lost and Obama had won and it was time for her to step aside.

Will she ever give up? Will she ever understand that she has been out done by Obama and his incredible campaign team? Have you ever seen another candidate behave in this way? Look at the class of Gore and Kerry when they lost such close elections to Bush, well, they may have actually won, which makes their class even more admirable.

She asked us to write and tell her what to do so I e-mailed her and asked her to graciously accept defeat and to move on. That made me feel a little better, not that she will pay any attention to me!