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Quilting Obama

Wednesday, June 11th, 2008

I belong to the Fiber Artists for Obama group. We decided to make a quilt to hang at the convention. We are making 12 inch blocks and using Obama words as a part of the design. Susan Shie has done an absolutely fantastic block. She says that Obama has found his way into her work over the past year. You can see some of it here.

I have taken a photo of Barack and made a thermofax screen and printed on various colors of fabric. I am going for an Andy Warhol vibe. I am going to select 4 colors which will be stitched into a 12 inch block. I will stamp hope, yes we can, believe and change on the individual pieces.

i am not sure if I have the right color combinations. I might have to do some more printing tomorrow. I need to get it in the mail by the end of this week.

But not until afternoon, STASH is coming tomorrow for our monthly meeting. My daughter Lisa and her adorable dog, Wilfredo, and her friend Diana flew in from San Francisco today. On Friday, she and Diana are borrowing the Jeep and driving to Seattle where Lisa has a how opening at Velouria.

Tonight, we had dinner at Park Kitchen in the Pearl, after which I went to the Columbia Stitchery Guild meeting at the Contemporary Crafts Museum where I was introduced as the president elect. What was I thinking? Well, I have a year to ease my way into the job. Reva is going to work on the newsletter. The Guild only meets 4 times a year, how tough a job can it be? Famous last words.