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Back in the Studio

Friday, October 17th, 2008

I finally finished reorganizing my studio and was getting ready to get down to work when I was rudely interrupted by this:

Mr C needs a project. It is our plan to paint the basement rooms that I use. Before doing that, he has decided to redo the heating ducts since they are exposed in my office and are an eyesore. We have put in a new furnace that heats the upstairs so some of the duct work is redundant. The furnace room is off my studio, next to the fireplace, so the work has to start there. I had to move my sewing area down into the other part of my studio to avoid the dust and mess. I am used to being alone and in my zone, so I am a little bit off kilter, but trying to accommodate the man!!

The piece that I am working on is titled “Cast Your Nets.” It is related to the Sea of Galilee, where we stayed on our first week in Israel. The main food fish caught in the Sea of Galilee is Tilapia. They cannot be caught with a fishing rod. They can only be caught with nets. When we sailed on the Sea of Galilee, we were given a demonstration of casting nets.

I had a beautiful piece of fabric that I discharged this past summer. I used netting and grids. I decided to use this as a base for this piece.

I wanted to have a ghostly image of a boat that might have been used in the time of Jesus.I made a screen from a drawing and printed it on organza. In the above photo, I am auditioning a grayish organza. I am not really happy with that so I have another organza to try tomorrow.

I made a screen of fish which I have used across he bottom. Here are some close ups. If you click on these you can see the netting detail.

I plan to let the fabric speak for this piece and will not do much more that some simple quilting that looks like netting.

Here is my first crop of lettuce from the farm. We had a nice salad for dinner.

I checked in at WW. My double week-end birthday bash returned 2 pounds to my body. I am back on the straight and narrow.