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This and That and Queen for the Week-end

Thursday, October 2nd, 2008

Want to see something scary?

Meet Kirstin, Mia’s American Girl Doll. Steph found her at a yard sale a couple of years ago and she has been loved almost to death!! She recently suffered a serious accident and lost an arm. So today, I boxed her up and sent her to Chicago to the American Girl Doll Hospital. She will return with her arm reattached, wearing a hospital gown and bracelet with a get well balloon. It should take about 2 weeks. This is what Grandmas do!!

We were blessed with some nice warm days for the past week and today it is raining. My urban garden is thriving. I think I will be harvesting some lettuce, soon.

October 12th is my 70th birthday, but, this week-end, I am being whisked away to a luxury mountain house near Mt. Hood so that I get to spend a long week-end with my core family. This was my greatest wish for my birthday. We will hike, play games, eat, drink and be merry. Oh, yes, Miles told me he is bringing a jigsaw puzzle. We love to do puzzles. I do not have to do any cooking!

There is wifi so perhaps I will share some of the frivolity with you. Lisa arrives in the morning, without Wilfredo. It was too expensive to include him. Mark and Jayme are arriving tomorrow night. Needless to say, I am excited!!