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Let’s Go Shopping!!

Wednesday, October 1st, 2008

This is a scarf that I donated to the Surface Design Auction that started today. If you would like to bid on this or several other lovely items, click here. This scarf was dyed and discharged to create the circles. I then foiled with gold, using bubble wrap.

Here is another opportunity. Lisa’s friend, Diana Fayt, is participating with 26 other ceramic artists for a fundraising sale for Obama. For more information, click here. The sale starts October 15th. The actual pieces will go online on October 13th. I will remind you. To see Diana’s fabulous work, click here.

I sort of took the day off today. Mr C and I spent some time and money at Costco this  morning. I took  my power walk in the afternoon. I cooked a somewhat labor intensive beef/mushroom/brown rice stew for dinner. It was nice to just be. Tomorrow, I will be attacking the studio. You know that every time I have a frenzy of work, it must be followed up with lots of clean-up and reorganizing. I shall now go indulge myself with Project Runway. I just love that show.

Rainy Day Shelter

Wednesday, October 1st, 2008

As promised, here is my piece for the Shelter challenge for the 12 X 12 blog. I had seen a photo of a red umbrella taken from above so that you saw the top of the umbrella, some boots and a rainy sidewalk. So that was my initial inspiration. I was trying to find a fabric that looked umbrella-ish, and I found myself with more than one umbrella. I decided to go for a more abstract collage of umbrellas rather than a realistic representation. I was also going to embellish with paint, Angelina and beads and decided to “keep it simple, stupid!!” Here is one of the rejected umbrellas on the back of the piece.


Be sure to go over to 12 X 12 to see all the wonderful pieces — such a variety of process and themes.