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Getting Back in the Groove

Wednesday, September 23rd, 2009


It was good to get back in the studio to do some work today. I got the green flash piece constructed and fused to the batting. This is just the bare bones. The stitching and mica painting will make add to the design and complexity, I think. I found this great fabric in my stash for the back.


I decided that my cruddy feeling yesterday was caused by my seasonal allergies returning with a vengeance. It was very windy and dusty yesterday. I started my ritual of saline rinses and sudafed and felt somewhat better.

Mr C is having his surgery early tomorrow morning. We  have to leave the house around 5:30 am. Steph is going to come over and walk Scooter, who seems to have some kind of tummy problem going on. I hope it is not serious. We have been giving him some new food for the training exercises. I think that it is not agreeing with him. Just one more thing to worry about.

If you live near Scranton, PA, you might want to check out this show. I have a piece in it. The show opens September 25th.


I keep forgetting that I need to get my 12 X 12 piece done by next Wednesday. I  know what I am going to do and it is going to be fun, but i wanted to get the green flash further along.

I am not sure that I will be checking in tomorrow. Mr C is staying in hospital over night and I will probably hang out with him unless Scooter needs  me.