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I am Verklempt

Friday, October 9th, 2009


This lovely arrived in the mail today from my fellow Twelve (and one of my adopted art quilting girls), Deborah. I broke into tears to find this Hillside Celebration made just for me. Here is the back story. This is a smaller version of the quilt that Deborah made for our most recent theme: Twelve. You can see it here. If you read the comments you will find a little who loves it more going on between Kirsty and I. So, I was really touched to have a version made for me for my birthday. Deborah, you really made my day. I do have wonderful quilty, virtual friends, don’t I?

I mentioned to my friend, Karen Miller, that I was planning to do a scarf dyeing class at my church. She recommended Colorhue Dyes. My shipment of 9 colors came today.


These dyes are instant set and can be diluted with water for lighter shades and mixed with each other to get more complex colors. I will be playing with them tomorrow. Stay tuned.

Yesterday, I forgot to show you the cool little stamps that Terry gave us yesterday. She bought them at the African Art Museum in Washington DC. Love these. (Photo taken in the kitchen tonight with bad lighting.)


Want to rent a good movie? Mr C and I just watched the French flick, Tell No One. It is a thriller to the end. Did you know that Kristin Scott Thomas speaks perfect French?