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More Colorhue Dye Play

Wednesday, October 28th, 2009


This is a piece of habotai silk on which I did some test printing with stamps and an aspen leaf thermofax screen. You can click on it to see it larger. I then dyed it with some pumpkin and yellow.

I decided to use the aspen leaf for one of the scarves. I really wanted to use the citron green that I mixed up the other day, so I screened the leaves with red paint. That has to be one of my favorite color combinations.

citronredaspenleaves aspenleafdetail

While I was working on this scarf, I had a chiffon scarf that I was using to test colors. I had poured all the left over dye from the other day into a pot and painted the chiffon. It was a really cool blue/black which I though would look good with the citron. The texture of the chiffon made an interesting design as I pulled the foam brush over it. I really love this piece. I had some trouble photographing this. The color is not really true.

citrongreenchiffon citrondetail

I decided to do a test shibori on a habotai scarf that I bought for the workshop. I used rubber bands to wrap around the pvc pipe. I used blue, pumpkin and the citron. I like it.

3colorshibori 3colorshiboridetail

I am already feeling much better on my second day of treatment for the gastric inflammation. Thanks for all the well wishes.

My friend and fellow art quilter, Bonnie Bucknam, has started a blog. Right now, she is blogging about her project to make quilts for an orphanage that she visited in Guatemala on a trip with Nancy Crow. Check it out. She also sells beautiful hand-dyed fabric.