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Day 18

Friday, December 18th, 2015


We have been getting a lot of this.

Portland — which has seen 12.54 inches of rain in December — looks to be on track to break the all-time record for December of 13.32 inches. That total got a huge boost Thursday, where 2.42 inches of rain fell downtown, breaking the old record of 2.26 inches, for the date set back in 1884.

Friday marked the 19th day in a row that Portland has had a least a trace or more of rain.

Today, it did not rain incessantly, just lots of shower bursts. In fact there were sun breaks. That is a term that I learned after moving here. Winter is normally overcast and showery with sun breaks.

We took advantage of the sunbreak to take the street car down to the DMV. I had a form from my surgeon to get one of these.


Mr C needed to replace a damaged driver’s license. The DMV is a place where all types of citizens cross paths. I am a people watcher and always enjoy the scene.

So, that was today, nothing exciting happening. I did a bunch of SDA work, but I need to finish quilting my lost edges piece and turn it in. Maybe tomorrow.