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A Beautiful Summer Week-end

We are having a lazy last week-end before the busy fall season of meetings and events start up. Yesterday, we went to Art in the Pearl, the annual festival in downtown Portland. I collected business cards from artists who live in or near Portland so that I can invite them to apply for Artists Among Us.

I took a few photos. This chair was so lovely. It had a footstool with it. The other furniture made by this artist, Victor DiNovi, was exquisite.

This glass artist, Morgan Madison, does some beautiful work. I loved every thing in his booth.

Here is my friend Teresa Rusch, in her both. She dye paints wool yarn and weaves gorgeous scarves and shawls.

I saw these collages and was struck by how similar the elements are to those used by fellow twelve, Deborah Boschart. The artist is Marcy Baker.

We sat down to have a cold drink and saw the top of The Henry, a building with cool condominiums. Mr C said he would like to live in the pent house condo at the top! It is a little out or our price range.

I also liked the canopy of leaves above us.

Here is today’s red-orange 3 x 3.

I also cut some batting and backs for the 3 x 3’s.

Tomorrow, we will have a BBQ with the family. M and M go back to school on Wednesday. I have a full schedule of activities coming up this month. Where did summer go?

One Response to “A Beautiful Summer Week-end”

  1. Judy says:

    Hello You!
    Seriously, where did the summer go??? The kids here went back to school THREE WEEKS AGO! We wonder about the sense of that: added power costs for the ac with school in session….and all of the kids playing sports in the summer heat and humidity!
    I’m with Steve – I’d like that penthouse too! Then there’d be enough room for a studio, – plus some awesome vies!
    Love your photos from the Pearl.
    Enjoy your family day!