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This and That

Saturday, October 3rd, 2015


This is Sky Blue Pink hanging in the Etui Gallery in Larchmont, NY. The opening reception was tonight. I was very excited to see this hanging there.

I got word today that two other quilts, previously rejected from shows, were juried into In Stitches in a gallery in Coos Bay, Oregon.



I am behind in my master class homework again. The assignment was to made a piece with lost and found edges. I am doing a row of fall aspen trees using hand-dyed silk. It is taking me ages to cut all the leaves.


This is the half-finished collage for the last Printed Fabric Bee theme, Carribean Ocean.


Here is my not so great contribution.


I printed blue waves on turquoise fabric, using an old carved wood block.




Then, I screen printed orange fish with an old thermofax screen. They were a bit dull, so I added some copper foil to them.


So, you know the drill, if you are interested the giveaway collection of these fabrics, leave a comment on the Printed Fabric Bee Blog.



Phase 2 of An Illuminated Psalter

Monday, February 23rd, 2015


I am starting phase 2 of the work for my solo show, An Illuminated Psalter. The description is this:

Gerrie Congdon will portray how the Psalms teach us to express our emotions and longings, articulate our anger and our compassion, and see our lives in the grand scheme of God’s creation. Her fiber art creations will use colors and forms that bring her favorite psalms to life.

I am doing the 23rd Psalm first – imagery is pretty easy to create and I hope it is not going to be hokey!! Here is my plan. For each of the colorways, the central piece will just be a length of surface designed art cloth with no stitching – 5.5 feet, finished.

Each piece in this collection will have some foiling as part of the surface. This large piece will have a foiled sun in the sky.



The foiling glue is drying and I will add the foil tomorrow.

I also decided the green pastures needed some colorful flowers.


Each art cloth hanging will have at least two smaller pieces mounted on wrapped gallery frames – 18 inches square. I will start them tomorrow. I am getting excited to work on these.

Last February, when I dropped out of the Master Class, I had gotten this far on the February assignment.


I put everything in a box and it has been sitting in my studio. So. I am attempting to put the pieces back together and finish it for this month’s homework.

Bring On Your Wrecking Ball

Thursday, November 29th, 2012

The highlight of my week was going to see The Boss, Bruce Springsteen, in the Wrecking Ball tour. What a wonderful experience. As our friend, Jer said, it was so uplifting to be among thousands of happy people, singing and dancing and just happy to be in the moment. We had great seats, right above the stage, left. We could watch all the action in the mosh pit and had a great view of Bruce and all the musicians. My ears were a bit overwhelmed, but I can still hear today!!

You can see Bruce with his guitar on the center right of this photo. He was so great with the mosh pit — inviting people on stage and taking requests. At times, it was like being at a revival meeting.

Back in the studio, I went to sleep on Tuesday night, knowing I was not happy with the foiling that I had done. I found some Wonder Under and took a big breath and foiled directly on the quilt. My original intention was to have a very impressionistic representations of the organ pipes and I had moved to a more literal interpretation. I am also doing some silver foiling on the pipes to represent how illuminated and reflective they are. I may have gone to far, we shall see.

On the organ case there is an engraving of these words: Cherubim and Seraphim Sing in Endless Praise  Holy Holy Holy. I wanted to include some of the words to anchor the piece. I had to scrounge up enough f the reddish brown fabric and piece it.

I made the largest thermofax screen I have ever made:

Here is the print. If you click on the photo, you can see it larger.

I have to finish all of the stitching tomorrow and do the finishing touches so that I can do the online registration on Saturday.

Here is the next to last yellow-orange 3 X 3. Then, I will finish off the year with yellow-green!! I have lots of that in my stash.


Love My Helpful Friends and the Winner Is…!

Tuesday, November 27th, 2012

I finally had success with my foiling today. Jane Davila suggested Wonder Under fusible; this was seconded by Deborah Boschert. An e-mail from Jane Dunnewold suggested gel medium. Jane Davila said Misty Fuse was too light and you don’t get good coverage.

Well, I didn’t have any Wonder Under so I tried Misty Fuse, and I am happy with the result. I just wanted to get some illumination in those sections. Since I have the gold organza as the background, I didn’t need complete coverage.

So, now I can get everything stitched down. I might just make it.

Tomorrow night, Mr C and I are going to a Bruce Springsteen concert, something we have always wanted to do. I am so looking forward to rocking out with The Boss!!

Now, to the winner of the magazine. A little back story is needed, here. It is going to an old friend and not a quilter. Forty-some years ago when I was a young wife and mother in Schenectady, NY, I had the good fortune to meet one of the most intelligent and wise women I have every known. Her name is Anita. We each had 3 kids, a boy and two girls, the same ages. We used to take each other’s kids on week-ends so that we could have time away with our spouses. She was an incredible cook and put on fabulous dinner parties. I always loved spending New Year’s eve with them.

We moved on to California because of Steve’s job, but kept in touch. She follows my blog and periodically comments. I am really happy that she will be able to read about my quilting. So, Anita, are you in Florida, yet, or still in New York? Let me know!!

Made the Cut

Monday, October 29th, 2012

I have not had the best day because I had a bad night. I didn’t sleep well at all and then Mr C got up early to drive to Corvallis to work today. So, I have dragged through the day.

I had a Dr appointment this afternoon, regarding my aching knees. I have had x-rays done and have a physical therapy appointment. I was told to double up on the Aleve.

Despite all that, I cut up the piece of fabric that I wanted to use for the pipes for the organ.

Here is the layout. I did all the cutting from the sketch, following Elizabeth Barton’s method. I also have not fused the fabric. so I don’t know if I will piece this or do raw edge applique.

The machine quilting is going to be a big part of this piece. I am getting excited now. The filigree will be the same fabric as the upper left corner. The pipe openings, will be foiled. I have to decide whether I want to foil directly on the pipe fabric or on another piece which will be laid over each pipe. Decisions, decisions.

Ok, I am so tired, I must go to bed early.