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I am going to show you all Indigo Construction which is in the Good to be Green show. Larkin’s husband did the photography and I think has shown the quilt in its best light, so to speak. My take on the good to be green is tied to the indigo dyeing procedure. With indigo dyeing, you must dip the fabric in the dye vat, take it out, let it oxidize, dip it again, etc. When it first comes out of the dye, it is green and then after oxidation, it turns blue – so, it is good to be green.



It has been a busy day around here. Milo wanted pancakes for breakfast.


Here is Milo in his new glasses. Didn’t I tell you he was really cute?


After lunch, Steph and Jack came and picked them up. I took Maggie for a walk and then made a mad dash to the grocery store to get the fixings for dinner. I made beef, brown rice and cremini mushroom stew, rosemary roasted potatoes, spinach, grapefruit and avocado salad. Steph made a delicious lemon cheese cake with a ginger crust, served with raspberry coulis.

Here are the girls who have been having a great time together in Portland. They are all Indie designer/artists and it is so much fun to hang out with them.


Left to right: My daughter Stephanie, my daughter Lisa, Lisa’s friend, Lorena, and slightly hidden by the flowers, Trish, who lives here in Portland. Lorena is from Argentina. Her husband is a clothes designer for Gap – boys. She is such a lovely young woman – I could adopt her!! Trish is an untrained artist who has amazing drawing skills. She moved here from Texas and started painting and has made a great life for herself as an artist. She brought her chihuahua, Pablo, and Maggie was not too happy.

Now, I must get to sleep early so that I will get to Tillamook on time for my video interview. I will post photos tomorrow night.

6 Responses to “Finally…”

  1. jenclair says:

    Love the way “Indigo Construction” turned out. Milo looks terrific in his new glasses!

  2. kathy says:

    Love the colors and designs in the cloth in “Indigo Construction”. Great job. How big is it? It looks long.

  3. Gerrie, “Indigo Construction” is fabulous, of course! It makes me feel calm and serene … but excited by its beauty at the same time.
    Milo is A-dor-a-ble!!!

  4. Natalya says:

    indigo construction is stunning! I agree with Kristin – looks like flowing water over moss… I would love to see this in person!
    Also interesting how your daughters are not only standing in similar poses, but are wearing very similar clothing…

  5. Judy says:

    I love Indigo Construction! Great job!
    It’s interesting to view Steph and Lisa together…their poses are almost identical.
    ……..and yes, Milo looks very handsome and grownup in those glasses!
    You are making me tired just reading all that you’ve done this weekend ALREADY!


  6. Kristin L says:

    Indigo Construction has the look of flowing water to me, which works well as water is an integral part of the indigo process as well. I like it!