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I Loved This Man

Next to Mr C, Paul Newman has to be the one guy who could make my heart go pitter patter.

Here is the young hunk next to the older, ill, but still handsome, Paul. He was a true renaissance man — great actor, a kitchen guru, an entrepreneur, race car driver, liberal do-gooder, consummate and devoted husband and father.

The world has lost a great man with the most beautiful blue eyes. Rest in Peace…

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I enjoyed the debate between Cranky and Cool, last night. I am biased, but I think Obama won this one. My son, Mark, and Jayme had a debate party/fundraiser last night. I think they all got a little tipsy playing a drinking game based on certain words or phrases by McCain!! I am so proud of them. This morning, they headed off to Reno, Nevada to campaign for Obama.

I have been having so much fun working on my Shelter #2. Even Mr C likes this one. I will explain the whole story soon. Today is Steph and Jack’s anniversary so we are going to go out to dinner with them and M & M.

Just want to say that we are having gorgeous fall weather. Hope it holds for next week-end — another story to be told.

8 Responses to “I Loved This Man”

  1. Ann Morrell says:

    Mr. Cool is a scarey individual…I fear what he is capable of doing if he gets in office…I certainly wouldn’t feel safe or even comfortable the next four years if Obama is our leader…I feel that many Obama fans, (and they are fans, are like the rats in the Pied Piper story…they hear the gilded words, and follow blindly down the Obama path. They are so in love with the Obama image that they ignore the fluff and crap he spews. His background is questonable…a man who votes Present..a man who choose friends for what they can do for him, a man whose minister that he looks up to, hates America …oh well, you believe what you want, you follow the person you want, you vote for who you want, and you get what you deserve…so we will just have to wait and see what we get for the next four years.

  2. Nysha says:

    I love your comments about the debate and am hopeful that Americans are smarter in this election!
    No bias here either!
    And thanks for all the nurturing it took to raise kids who are politically active!

  3. kathy says:

    It is hard to believe he is gone. He has been around for my entire life!

  4. teri says:

    Ah, he and Jimmy Stewart were my two great crushes. Not only great actors but good men….both somehow managed to avoid the Hollywood virus of multiple marriages and affairs….

    I didn’t watch much of the debate- I get so angry that I start yelling at the TV and it drives the boys nuts so I just avoid it. I already know how dangerous McCain is so I don’t need to hear any more of his poisonous lies….



  5. terry grant says:

    Paul Newman was the classiest movie star ever.I feel so sad that he is gone.

  6. Kristin L says:

    What struck me between the two was how each one answered or responded. Obama used mostly positive statements like “I want to keep…” or “We need to…” whereas McCain seemed more defensive and accusatory with “He didn’t…” or “He voted against…”

    If you pay heed to motivational speakers and life coaches, it doesn’t even matter so much what each one says as how they say it. The subliminal message to me was one of positive visioning from Obama, and trying to make himself look good by putting blame on the other by McCain.

  7. Judy says:

    A good friend of mine had a life-sized black and white poster of Paul, with his blue eyes painted in…..phenomenal! What a superb actor he was…………and yes, we will all miss him. He spent a lot of time in our little town with the nearby race track.

    The debate party sounds like it was more fun than I had…fussing and fuming alone in my sewing room. I can’t let that cranky old man get the best of me………and I’m not referring to C!! LOL


  8. Reva says:

    I loved Paul Newman too, sniff.