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Make Way for Ducklings and Peoplings

Tuesday, May 9th, 2006

I am really putting in time trying to get the studio and storage room finished so that I can get cracking on the big commission quilt. This morning Mr. C and I took Maggie to the Rhodie Garden. See how lush it is now (click to see full size). I call the last photo Tuesday in the Park with George

Rhodiegarden1   Rhodiegarden2   Tuesdayinthepark

The goslings and ducklings have started to hatch. Here are some ahhh-ooooh photos:





For this photo, I loved the reflection of the flowers in the water and did some special effects with it a la DebR:


This afternoon M & M came by to spend some time with us while Steph did some errands. Here they are enjoying ice cream on a stick.

Mmicecream  Mmicecream2   Tandemicecream   Seriousmiles   


As you can see, it was a beautiful day in the neighborhood. Tonight, I hung out with the STASH women – Second Tuesday at Somebody’s House.  They are a nice group of women, and I am happy that they have invited me to part of the group. It is very low key, nice conversation, some goodies, some show and tell. What more could you want?