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Mixed Emotions

Wednesday, December 6th, 2006

Today was a tough day for my daughters as the news of James Kim’s death reached us. We all wanted the miracle to continue. Kati Kim kept her babies alive, while she was alone in the Oregon wilderness. That was a beautiful miracle of a story. James was valiantly trying to find a way to rescue them. I am so sad for the families that they have lost James, but at the same time, I am just in awe of the strength of Kati as she cared for those children. Mixed emotions.

As I thought about the expense that the Kim family was going through to find James, whatever it took, I wanted to help in some way. I suggested to my girls that we donate some of our art and craft and have a silent auction on the web. They are off and running with the idea. Lisa has posted some information on her blog tonight. I will keep you posted. Others have come forward to donate art, and we are grateful for the interest.

I finished decorating the tree today and invited M & M and Steph to come by. They have not seen all my Christmas stuff since they were too young to remember. So it was quite fun to watch their reaction.

Here is my nativity set collection:


Here are M and M inspecting them:



Here are the two of them inspecting the ornaments on the tree:


Miles put on my Santa hat and told me he loved the hat and he got really silly. It was great comic relief for a hard day. Here is the adorable Miles showing off for the camera. And there is Mia, too!

Miloreindeer Milosanta_1




Again, mixed emotions. The innocent joyfulness of my grandchildren juxtaposed to their mother’s sadness for her friend.

I wanted to get my Christmas cards out early this year because of our new address. Well, I finished them tonight, after running upstairs with them in my hands and tripping on the top step and taking a header in the hallway. My old body is feeling it tonight. Here they are. I added a glittery star in the sky and put them in vellum envelopes – looks pretty cool.



Tonight, I made more figures for my clay nativity set. I forgot the camera so there are no pics. I made the infant, a manger, and angel and two of the cutest sheep you have ever seen. We selected some glazes for Robin to order for us.

I leave you with this admonition, tonight: Give someone you love a big hug.