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Speaking in Cloth and Fine Focus

Friday, December 8th, 2006

Today, Terry and I drove south and west to Coos Bay, Oregon to attend the opening reception of two spectacular art quilt shows: Speaking in Cloth, 6 Quilters, 6 Voices and Fine Focus ’06. June was supposed to come with us, but became ill and sadly couldn’t make the trip (we are missing her pithy comments and sardonic sense of humor.)

The shows are at the Coos Bay Museum of Art. Speaking in Cloth was organized by Jeannette DeNicolis Meyer and Ann Johnston and includes work by Cynthia Corbin, Quinn Zander Corum, Nancy Erickson and Trisha Hassler – all from Oregon and Washington. Fine Focus – a traveling exhibit of 50 small format art quilts juried by nationally known fiber artistsnJudy Dales, Jane Dunnewold and Kim Ritter.

Ann and Jeannette have published a book of the Speaking in Cloth show. I couldn’t take photos of the show so here is the cover of the book (I got autographs from all the quilters):


I found this show to be very exciting because most of the work is quite innovative and just wasn’t the same old same old. Now, some of it was, but the majority was quite exciting. Cynthia Corbin and Ann Johnston are doing very cutting edge surface design work, and it was such a high for me to stand there and talk to each of these women about their work and how they achieved the designs. Trisha Hassler works with metal in her pieces, and her work, though not something I am interested in doing, excited me because it is very cutting edge and new!! The same with Quinn – I love what she is doing. You know how you can say to yourself – there is nothing new in this area and then boom – right in your face is new, innovative work.

Terry had a piece in Fine Focus. Here she is with Bird and Rice Bowl:


Oh, look! Here is one by Diane.


Diane’s was placed right under the Show Title:


Here is my favorite piece, taken just before I got chastised by a museum staff member!!


Tomorrow morning, before we head home, we are going to the artist’s talk. I’m looking forward to that. This has been a nice December diversion.