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It isn’t Christmas until…

Friday, December 22nd, 2006

Lisa gets here. But where is she? She was supposed to arrive at PDX at 8:20 am today. Her luggage arrived. However, we got a phone call at 6:15 am. She missed her flight. After trying to get on with standby for the next two flights, she became discouraged and went home and hopped in her car and she is due to fly into town via the Saab about 10 pm tonight.

So, I had to amuse myself in other ways. I finished my shopping and wrapping of presents.


I made a batch of cranberry macaroons:


Then, we went downtown and stopped at Trinity to pick up my Creche, which came out of the kiln this afternoon. On Wednesday night, I did a rush job of glazing since I missed last Wednesday while I hung out in the emergency room! Notice Mary’s hair color. She is also wearing my signature color.


Here is a self-portrait showing my new hair color, very similar to Mary’s.


On our way home, I tugged on my earrings. Oops, notice the blue earring above? This is what was on my other ear!


I am on a serious senile track. Would you believe that I sent out a bunch of Christmas cards with our Santa Rosa address as the return address?

Now, I am going to settle down and watch Kaladega Nights and wait for Lisa to arrive. Then, it will be Christmas!