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I Am Really Losing It

Wednesday, August 1st, 2007

In fact, I have lost 10 pounds as of today. Here is where I usually get in to trouble. I feel great and have lots of energy. My clothes are loose and I am fitting in to things I almost gave away. I usually plateau for physical and psychological reasons. And of course, we are leaving for vacation on Sunday. I hope to get in lots of hiking and walking and to eat sensibly. If I can just hold it or lose a teensy bit, I will be happy.

I have been trying to clean up my creative space this week. I have made a mess as I have come and gone from workshops and have been working on quilts for the Japanese Garden show. I can’t do another thing until I clean up my mess.

Here are the latest additions to my studio.


In the background are black cotton t-shirts that I plan to discharge. On the left is soy way. In the center are T-Juice fabric markers. I think M & M may be decorating some t-shirts this week-end. I will also use them on fabric for art quilts. Today, I stopped in at big lots and got a fantastic deal on these clamps which I will use in my shibori work for clamping resists.

As I was leaving the house over the week-end, I saw this strange sign on the corner of Reed College property so I grabbed my camera and took a photo. Then, I thought I would have some fun in Photoshop and add it to my Virtual Iraq War Protest.


Be sure to click on the Endless War bumper sticker in my sidebar to see all the photos in the Virtual Iraq War Protest. I have added some new photos.