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Asleep in Seattle

Friday, August 10th, 2007

At least my computer was!

We left Victoria by ferry on Thursday morning. Here is Mr C watching Victoria fade away.


We made our way across the waterways of the Northwest and arrived on Bainbridge Island just in time to take the ferry to Seattle. Here are photos of the Seattle skyline as we approached.



After a few wrong turns, we finally found our way to the Seattle Grand Hyatt where we had a fantastic room on the 18th floor with a bathroom that was out of this world. But, in this fancy schmancy hotel, you had to pay for wifi, so I decided it wasn’t worth it for the amount of time I had to use it.

We set out to walk around the city, something we love to do. We, of course had to check out the Pike Place Market.



We walked by Etta’s, the seafood restaurant owned by Tom Douglas, and snagged a reservation for 8 pm. I had halibut, pan seared, with sweet corn cakes, fresh corn, avocado, arugula and spicy tomato vinaigrette. It was divine.

This morning, after breakfast, we walked down to SAM, the Seattle Art Museum.


While we waited for SAM to open, we checked out a nearby sculpture exhibit.


There were many pigs around town.


I liked the message on the lips.


I loved SAM. It has lots of modern art and quite a few wonderful textile pieces. One of my favorites was an installation by Marita Dingus. She had made 600 bodies dressed in cast-off fabric to represent 400 African men and 200 African women and to honor the Africans who were treated as a commodity for 300 years. She used film canisters and plastic pens for the body base. Her words and the visual were very powerful.

After lunch, we collected our belongings and car and drove to the new Sculpture Park for a quick walk-through.



We left Seattle around 1 pm with the hope of getting home in time to pick up Maggie from the kennel, but the traffic was brutal and so we are home without her.

On another front, I am happy to say that one of my quilts is a finalist for the World of Beauty judged show at the International Quilt Festival in Houston. I think it is the first week of November. It is A Thin Place which can be seen by clicking on Abstract/Geometric in my galleries. There are so many luminaries with quilts in this show, I feel very humble!!

I’m tired and I get to sleep in my own bed.

You can see all of my Seattle photos on my Flickr.

I want to end by saying that Mr C and I had a great trip and after six days of 24/7 time together, we are still speaking and quite happy.