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Moonraking and Mole Wrangling

Tuesday, August 14th, 2007

I finally got my little butt down in the studio today and started work on a piece that has been percolating since I took the indigo shibori class. The fabric is all linen. I bought some red linen which I really like with the indigo. I have started doing some stitching with red perle cotton. I am going to leave the linen pieces with raw edges. The working title is Indigo Moons.


Here is a closeup.


My friend, Dee, called our mole escapade, mole wrangling. We have had some success. Kelly, the mole lady, came by today and we have one less mole to contend with. She thinks it may be the only one. It seemed unbelievable to us that one mole could make the mess in our yard. She says that they eat their weight in worms and grubs every day so they have to cover a lot of territory.

Tomorrow, after I do my post vacation weigh in at Weight Watchers, Steph and M & M and I are going to check out the new IKEA. I have a shopping list ready.