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Activity on the Home Front

Monday, August 13th, 2007

What have I been doing since I got home? — not much on the creative side.

  1. Did lots of laundry.
  2. Stocked up on groceries.
  3. Went to Target and Fabric Depot and bought some great goodies.
  4. Made a family dinner for Steph, Jack and M & M when they got home from camping yesterday. It was so good to spend time with them.
  5. Got caught up on lots of work on the SDA website.
  6. Set up my Mac Calendar to signal me when I have approaching deadlines. I have so many coming up that I am afraid, I will forget something.

Today, we had to call this woman to come and help us out.


This is Kelly, the mole lady. We have a really bad infestation of moles in our yard.


First, we tried one of the electronic gizmos that is supposed to send out a vibrating sound that annoys them. Ha!! They were dancing to that tune. When we got back from our vacation, there were mole trails throughout all of our landscaping. So, Mr C bought poison pellets and put them in all the tunnels. Every time we turned around, there were more tunnels. They are immune to the stuff.

This morning, I consulted my landscaping guru, my son Mark. He says, Mom, you have to call a mole trapper; you can’t do it on your own. So, Kelly showed up an hour after we called her. She set about 7 traps in the front and back yard. She puts these buckets over them to prevent an inadvertent dog, child or adult foot from getting snared.



She will be back in a week to check her traps. We have to pay her $25 for each mole she traps — that could be pricey, but worth it.

This afternoon, I went to the paint store with Mr C. The couple who bought our house from the estate of the previous owner, ripped out the molding in much of the house and put in molding that does not match the rest of the house and is the wrong style. You can not buy it as stock now, so we had some milled for our bedroom. Mr C needed to get primer for it and I went along to pick out paint for my Adirondack chairs. Isn’t this purty?


I get so excited when I see a wall of paint chips. Last week, I found some great fabric for curtains in the bedroom so I picked out some paint chips to go with the fabric — turquoise and brown are involved.

I now have to give my attention to my weekly guilty pleasure — Big Love.