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Finishing Work and a Birthday Boy

Tuesday, November 20th, 2007

Tonight I needed to turn in at least two small quilts for the High Fiber Diet show next month. Last week, I collaged a background of my hand dyed silks. Yesterday, I started adding Asian Textiles.


Today, I noticed some spots that needed more collaging and then I quilted it with simple curved lines in metallic gold. I stained a piece of bamboo with gold paint and here is the finished product.


And a closeup of the quilting.


The Indigo Aspen Moonlight piece got a silvery bamboo rod.



I would like to make a couple more pieces for the show. We shall see.

Today was Miles’ sixth birthday. M & M have no school this week, but Steph had to go to conferences with their teachers this morning. She dropped them off early. Here is Mia, looking so pretty in a brown outfit with a necklace and bracelet.


Here is Miles reading in what looks like a very uncomfortable position.


He was so excited to have a date with Grandma and Grandpa to go out to lunch and to pick out a birthday present at the Lego store. He could hardly contain himself.

Steph picked up Mia so that we could make it a really special time for Mr Milo. It took him all of 5 minutes to select a wonderful castle and pirate ship combo. We had lunch at the mall food court so that Milo could have one of his favorite meals: steamed rice and teriyaki chicken. He is reading one of the boxes and finishing his cookie, on the ride home.


When he got back to our house, he assembled the bonus set, with no help from Grandpa. I can’t believe how grown-up he is becoming. We keep thinking it can’t get any better with these kids, and then it does. We are truly enjoying the conversations that we have with them.

Tomorrow, we are all heading to the coast for a long Thanksgiving week-end at the beach. I don’t think we will have internet access. I may check in tomorrow if I have good news when I weigh in at WW. Now, I must go figure out what I still need to buy at the store for the finishing touches on our feast.