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A Mixed Bag Day

Friday, November 9th, 2007


The day started very nicely. I received an e-mail from the Carnegie Center telling me that Indigo Moons had been accepted for exhibition in Form Not Function. When I look at the list of past exhibitors, I feel very honored to have been selected for this show.

Then, my quilt, A Thin Place, came home from Houston where it had been on display at the International Quilt Festival. I had completely forgotten that it was being judged. So, with trepidation, I opened the judges comments. The three did not really agree on the worthiness of this piece. One like it a lot. One didn’t like it very much. The third was positive, but graded me down the middle. I had done a lot of wonky hand stitching and not much machine quilting so I didn’t have to deal with that criticism.


I called Steph and asked if I could help out with M & M since they are out of school more that they are in, this month. She said that they were still in there jammies playing with every toy in the dining room. I suggested she bring them over after they get bored with their current activities

Mr C and I set out to walk Maggie and get some errands done up on Woodstock. It started raining during our sojourn, and I was soaked by the time we arrived home.

Let me just say that as the afternoon wore on, I began to feel more and more yucky. I had an earache and body aches and a headache and a fever. I had Mr C entertain the grands. They built a skyscraper out of moving boxes. Miles was mad because he wanted a castle, but they told him that knights can live in high rises and even made a sign to verify this. So, every one was happy, except for me. We were supposed to go to the opening of the Trinity Artisan’s Fair and then out to dinner. Instead, I am wrapped in a blanket, drinking tea and numbed by the wonderful Aleve.