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Beebopareebop Rhubarb Pie

Saturday, May 3rd, 2008

I had to make dessert for our Sojourner’s dinner last night. I have been craving rhubarb pie and inspired by Terry’s pie, I made two varieties — Terry’s recipe which is rhubarb with eggs which is sort of like rhubarb custard. The other is rhubarb with strawberrie, blackberries and raspberries. At the dinner, some wanted a slice of each and some wanted only the berry version.

This week-end is Renfair at Reed College. (short for Renaissance fair) It is the end of the term and the seniors turn in their senior theses and then the fun starts. The campus is closed to the public. There is lots of great food, games, music and fireworks every night. This is a college that works hard and plays hard.

These photos were taken Friday afternoon. A crowd gathers and cheers as the seniors process with their final projects.

It is fun to watch the various structures that bloom on campus for the week-end, like these interesting mushrooms and the dinosaur:

When I walked by today, there were even more amazing things, but I did not have my camera.

Stephanie and I have been encouraging Mia to get her hair cut. Today, it happened. Here is her donation to “Locks of Love.” Her hair cut is really cute and still not too short. They are coming over tomorrow for dinner and I will get a photo. We are having an early Cinco de Mayo — fish tacos, black bean salad and yam fries.

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