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The Best Laid Plans

Monday, May 12th, 2008

This morning we set off for Caesarea Phillipi and the head waters of the Jordan river. This is in the northern most area of Israel on the border of Lebanon. We were on our way up the Golan Heights to the base of Mt. Hermon. The air conditioner on the bus had a shredded belt and we got stuck in an out of the way town with Israeli soldiers, security guards checking packages as you entered stores, if you looked suspicious, that is.

The driver tried to fix it, to no avail. We finally got off the bus and stood around and chatted for what seemed like an eternity.

Help arrived. The repair was made and we were on our way – not! Another belt or the same, who knows, but we were dropped off in the town so that the bus could go to a repair shop. By now, it is late enough to have lunch, after we trooped through town, en mass, looking for public restrooms. Our guide wanted to keep us together. Of course, there was the ubiquitous MacDonald’s, which some opted for. We went out of the shopping center and found this lady making falafel sandwiches.

We were told to gather for the bus, then we were told the driver and the bus had disappeared and we were taking public transportation back to the kibbutz. Argh! Thank goodness, Ishmael and the bus showed up and we went on our way to Caesarea Phillipi. More Roman ruins. Those guys sure left a lot of stuff in their wake! Actually, the preserve was a combination of antiquities and lush vegetation. The headwaters of the Jordan river supplied lots of water for some beautiful flora.

We had to cancel the walk along the Jordan river and arrived past our scheduled time at the kibbuts for our afternoon lecture and dinner. Two days in a row, we have lost our precious bit of free time, but I am not complaining!! I just want some time to sit in this chair:

I started this post last night, but I crashed and am finishing it this morning before I go to breakfast. We are going for a boat ride on the Sea of Galilee this morning. It is really hot and dry here (I am not complaining about that) so this sounds very refreshing.

I finally have a Flickr set for the trip photos, here.