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A Proud Mom and the Ridiculous Meets the Sublime

Thursday, September 18th, 2008

Yesterday was Steph’s Martha Stewart debut. She looked beautiful, well, she is beautiful. The segment was way shorter than when it was rehearsed as Martha does like to ramble on. If you would like to see the beginning segment with Steph and Maria, there is a YouTube video on Martha’s Blog. Don’t ask me how many times I have watched and smiled!! I think the appearance on the show was great as their book has jumped way up in the rankings on Amazon. This morning it was around 4000 and now it is 2907.

Last night, M & M and their Dad came over for dinner because Steph was not getting in until late at night. They watched the show that I had Tivoed. As soon as his Mom was done, Miles was off, but Mia watched the whole show. Her favorite segment was Eddie who used flea market finds to make things.

Today was the monthly STASH meeting at Beth’s house. She made us a sublime lunch of veggies from her prolific garden. Even the dessert was a vegetable. It was a zucchini crisp – really – it tasted like apples! The zucchini was peeled and seeded and cooked in lemon juice.

Terry and I brought our fabric teapots that we made for a High Fiber Diet Challenge. I made mine last Tuesday, when I was coming down with the strep throat. I was sure I had a virus and would be better to go to the meeting the next day, not. I forgot to take a photo of it before Reva picked it up to take for the reveal and I just got it back today. I basically drew a teapot on some Timtex, cut it out, fused and quilted some silk scraps and then stitched the sides together with a satin stitch.

Okay, here is where the ridiculous meets the sublime. Terry does meticulous work. She is very talented at creating wonderful 3-D fabric creations.  Here are our teapots together. Her lid has a lovely box attachment that fits into the body of the teapot, perfectly. Mine just lies on top!

I was so verklempt about Steph’s TV appearance that I forgot to go to WW. I am going to try to weigh in tomorrow, AND I must get back to work in the studio.