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A Quiet Week-end

Sunday, September 21st, 2008

I have been plugging away on the next 12 X 12 challenge. The theme is shelter. I have had a couple of ideas. One was very  simple and one was not. Guess which one I decided to do? I am having a problem getting this done or getting excited or something. I hope to start some stitching on it tomorrow, but I still have some cutting and fusing to do. Here is a sneak peak at some of the cutting I have been doing.

Yesterday, we made another trip to the garden store to pick up some new grasses for the front landscaping. I also wanted to get some raspberries as my planting guide says to plant them now. The problem is that the nurseries do not get them until January so I will have to wait. I did pick up some mesclun mix starts and some more herbs and trailing/carpet rosemary. I am lining all of the beds with carpet herbs and rosemary which I will train to grow over the sides. (At least that is my plan!!) Here is a progress photo. I think we can start harvesting some romaine soon. I also need to thin the arugula and spinach.

We are having cooler weather and less sunshine. I guess fall is officially  here. I have a WW update. I went to a new meeting on Friday. I really liked the leader so I am going to switch from Wednesdays to Fridays. I was down a pound. I  am sure the strep throat contributed to my weight-loss last week!

Thanks for checking in.