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A Two Meeting Day

Wednesday, March 9th, 2011

This morning I attended the quarterly Columbia Fiberarts Guild meeting which included demos by four members and nice catered lunch. It is one of my favorite meetings of the year because we get to socialize and chat and share. In the afternoon, the SAQA area meeting met in the same place. It was almost meeting overload, but I do get energized when I spend time with other creative souls.

I am going to share some photos of the meeting today because I haven’t accomplished much except to unsew the bridges as I plan to start over with them.

This is Maris, our treasurer and felter, extraordinaire. Isn’t that a gorgeous piece of felted silk?

She did the bowls up above. Here is another shot.

Here are some other shots of her table.

Maris called this nebs. They are little loose pieces of wool that she adds to the felting.

Here she demonstrates how she makes a vessel by felting over a ball.

Carla makes amazing scrappy quilts by first stitching all of her scraps into a long strip. You can see a coil of sewn fabric on the table in front of her.

Betty demonstrated how she creates these gorgeous beaded bracelets.


At lunch, we were given a plain white paper placemat that we could decorate with these crayons. I should have taken a photo of the very creative work done at my table.

And, now to close, here are the adorable two guys that I live with. Scooter got a hair cut yesterday. He seems to feel more energetic without all that fur.