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Friday, March 11th, 2011

What next?, I wondered last night. The earthquake and tsunami in Japan has added to my stress level. Our tour leader says he would like to make the trip as scheduled, even though the US government is advising against travel there. I feel a bit uncomfortable going on holiday in a country that is reeling with devastation and grief. It is true that Kyoto, where we will spend our first week, is not affected that much. Jerry, our leader, says he will reassess on Monday or Tuesday.


Going to Pilates this morning was so helpful for dealing with my angst.

I have spent part of the last two days, removing the lutradur bridges from my river piece. They were not working. The colors were too dull and there was no value change. I picked up the solid batiks, above, yesterday. I decided I need a lime green bridge. (ha!) I have redrawn the bridges on freezer paper and have almost finished cutting them. The fabric is Mistyfused and tomorrow, I will fuse them to the quilt and stitch them, add a binding and be done with it. Yay!