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Now What?

Thursday, March 31st, 2011







The bridge piece that took over my life did not get juried into The Space Between show. I am not at all surprised and maybe a bit relieved. I was not happy with it. Value is such an important part of design for me and this one was too medium value. The bridges were the biggest problem.

When I conceived of this quilt, I was in the winter doldrums and I wanted to portray Portland in a happy, colorful way. It just didn’t work.

Last week, Mr C and I had dinner at The Urban Farmer in downtown Portland. It is a really cool new restaurant in the Nines Hotel. They had a display of digital art on the wall. It was scenes of bridges and highways around Portland. The bridges were black silhouettes with very colorful backgrounds.

I got the idea that my bridges should have been black, but by then, it was too late. But, not now. This afternoon, I went down and attacked the bridges with black paint. It may take a couple of coats to cover the batik. Then I will edge them with black satin stitch. I am really enjoying painting the bridges. At least it is not like painting the Golden Gate Bridge!

High Fiber Diet has the theme of North West Vibes and I think I will enter this in that. It fits the theme. We shall see.

I should mention that the list of those who got into the Space Between show is filled with wonderful art quilters. I am honored that I even got invited to submit a piece.

Tonight I finished quilting the second piece that I did for the chartreuse colorplay theme. It is such a simple design, but very visually pleasing to me.

Tomorrow, I am going to take Steph out to lunch. I really enjoy having special time with her without the kiddos and the guys.