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Short Attention Span

Thursday, March 17th, 2011

Not much to show for the couple of days since I last posted. I am trying to remember what I did yesterday. Oh, I burned a CD and sent an entry to PAQA South’s ArtQuiltsmovement. I really had to stretch the artist statement!! I will not be surprised if I don’t get in. Anyway, I am still wandering. I am not lost, just not focused.

The next Twelve by Twelve colorplay theme is chartreuse, selected by me. This afternoon, I started pulling out some chartreuse fabrics and some other fabrics to fill out a palette I have in mind. The first photo is some silk that I might use.

Here are the hand-dyed cottons that I came up with.

I then looked through my commercial fabrics and came up with some that might be fun to fit into the mix.

Tonight, I did some sketches for this. I know what I want to do, now, I have to see if I can pull it off. Tomorrow, I will be Mistyfusing some fabric.

We have been having miserable rainy weather. This afternoon, the sun came out for a bit. Mr C and I took Scooter for a walk at the Rhodie garden. All of a sudden, I see that it is pink season in Portland, again.

And for all the Scooter fans, he got a haircut in preparation for two weeks out at the doggie farm (now canceled). He looks so skinny.

The news from Japan is not very good tonight. Such a triple disaster.