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Mood Indigo

Thursday, August 15th, 2013


I frittered away most of today. I can’t remember what I was doing up until 2 pm when I headed down to the studio. Yesterday was a long day getting the Guild newsletter formatted and sent out. I knew that If I just got myself started, I would be a happy camper. Being creative is so energizing.

I mixed up some Jacquard indigo out on the patio and let it sit for an hour while I worked on the blouse that I am making. It was too big so I had to do some alterations. I also grabbed some  other fabrics to put in the indigo. The main reason for mixing up the indigo was to dye the shantung organza. I want to do another moon piece stitched to prefelt and shrunk. For my other piece, I discharged a circle. For this one, I wanted to create a circle resist. I drew a circle with a wash away pencil and then stitched it with a sewing machine basting stitch. I pulled the thread as tight as I could without breaking it. Then, I put a plastic bag over it and used a rubber band to close it tightly around the stitched circle. You can see it in the photo below. I folded the organza so that I have two sided to make two more shrinky dink quilts. I was very happy with the depth of color, too.


Here is my bucket of indigo.


If you have not done indigo dyeing, you might not know how it works. It is important to keep oxygen out of the dye mix so you must be very careful to not stir it or muddle with it. When the fabric comes out it is green.

indigounoxidizedAs the indigo oxidizes, it becomes blue. The more times you dip it in the indigo, the stronger the color.


This is a cotton gauze scarf shibori wrapped on a pvc pipe. There is also a scrunched bundle of fabric held together with a rubber band.


Here are the other results. The first is the cotton scarf – turned out really pretty.


These are the same fabric which was a wimpy yellow green color with some other colors in some areas. I particularly like the accordion pleated piece.


These were two different hand-dyes that I overdyed. The bottom piece had lots of green in it.


This was cotton shibori wrapped on a pole. I didn’t tie it, I just scrunched it.

polewrappedcottonI had dyed this shirt (originally white) when I did indigo dyeing with Stephanie a while ago, but the color was wimpy and not even. I really like it now.


I found some photos from our trip on my camera. This is what the sky looked like when we drove up I5 to Grant’s Pass. The smoke from the wildfires made the sun red and the sky gray.


I also found this photo of Paige. She had just discovered that she could put the little attachments on and take them off. Mark said she used to just throw them!! Such a wonderful age.


Indigo House

Friday, July 20th, 2012

I am finally getting this house quilt finished. Some of my readers may remember when I cut this house out of a finished quilt.

I wanted to use the house in a quilt for a program I found out about on Jamie Fingal’s blog. The project is The House Quilt Project. Click the link to read about patriotic house quilts made for the walls of rooms for individuals in the Wounded Warrior Battalion and Habitat for Humanity. Each quilt must have an American flag and the size is 12 x 16 inches.

Most of the fabrics in this quilt are indigo dyes by me or prints from Kristine LaFlamme.

I made a background for the quilt. The grass is the only fabric not dyed by me.

I added the sidewalk and some plants and then quilted it. I added the house and used an applique stitch on my Janome to stitch the house and trees to the background. You see the finished quilt up at the top of this post. I still have to finish the edges. I will deliver this to Jamie when I go to Long Beach for the quilt show next week.

Here is today’s 3 x 3.

Now, I am off for a dinner out with Mr C.




Thursday This and That

Thursday, January 12th, 2012

This is yesterday’s 3 X 3. I enjoyed doing another machine felted piece. I find it very relaxing as long as the needles don’t break.

Here is today’s which was completed in less than half an hour this afternoon. It is a collage of some little squares of fabric with that black doodle.

I then did some free motion doodling. I have a very difficult time doing the free motion quilting on such a small piece. I need to remember to make something larger and then cut it down to size. It seems a bit wasteful, however.

Today was STASH day at Reva’s. Just sitting and chatting and sharing work. Reva prepared a delicious lunch. It was very therapeutic for me. I need the stimulation of friends for my well-being.

Here is another project I am working on.

This house used to be a 12 inch square, but I wanted to turn it into a 12 x 16 inch quilt for The House Quilt Project. So I cut it out around the house and I am going to mount it on a 12 x 16 inch background. This is made from indigo fabric scraps.  It has to have an American Flag so I need to get some flag fabric so I can fussy cut one.

I have also been working on inspiration photos for the Quilt University class with Elizabeth Barton — Inspired to Design. I am a bit behind, but I will catch up. I need to select a photo for a quilt and then reduce it to simpler lines and shapes for making a quilt. I found some great photos in my archives tonight.

Busy, busy!! My studio is still a mess. Life is good.

In a Blue Mood

Monday, October 31st, 2011



…but in a good way! I finally got a batch of indigo mixed up today. I have been meaning to do it for ages. My new motto is “just do it.” I dyed a couple of items of clothing that were stained and looking drab.

I also dyed the cotton scarves that I worked on the other day. Some of my experiments came out quite well. I think some of them will go back in the pot tomorrow for a boost of color.

This morning, I had my final eye doctor check up. I have a prescription for reading glasses. I get two free pairs with the cataract surgeries. I ordered one pair today and will wait to see whether I want another pair of bifocals or just glasses for close up work.

I also went shopping for a few things for the trip to Houston — some comfy shoes and a new purse. I am getting so excited. I keep getting reports from friends who are there for Market and they say our exhibit is “freaking awesome.” Just 3 more sleeps!!


My Ninepatch Disappeared

Thursday, October 27th, 2011

I have heard the term disappearing nine patch going around on blogs and Facebook. I needed a pattern for a kid’s quilt and thought I would give it a try. So, this is how the nine patch disappears (in case you are wondering).

You start with nine 5 inch squares which are sewn into a nine patch,

Then you cut it in half lengthwise and crosswise.

Then arrange your smaller squares into a quilt!! And that is how the nine patch disappears. You can see how I have rearranged them in the top photo. Of, course, I have lots of blocks to sew, now.

I had a nice day today. I drove over the river and up the hills to Terry’s home. I had not had a chance to see her new studio, yet. They have built a separate building on their property for her studio and a greenhouse for her husband. It is really nice and much bigger than I expected. We went out for delicious Indian food.

Tonight while I watched the Project Runway train wreck, I prepared some scarves for indigo dyeing. I bought some cotton scarves and will be interested to see how they come out.

Not sure when I will get them in the indigo pot. Tomorrow, I am going to make some Beef Bourguignon for Saturday night dinner. It is better the second day and on Saturday, I will be in Eugene all day with Terry and some other artists for our biannual critique session. The dinner party is for Steph’s mother-in -law who is visiting from North Carolina. I hope I can pull it off.