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Home again, home again, jiggety jig!

Friday, April 20th, 2007

I am back in Portland and I brought some spectacular California weather with me. At least that is my story!

I was without convenient Internet access since Tuesday and my friend, Janet, kept me so busy, I didn’t have time, anyway! My friend, Judy, who gave me the ride to Santa Rosa, told me that her group, The Gilded Lilies, was having an art quilt show at the Rochioli Vineyard and the Pointless Sister’s had a show at the Rincon Library, so we headed out on Wednesday morning, to see both of the shows.

I was so thrilled to see this piece hanging in the library. It was the first project for the Pointless Sisters. I took a photo of a water lily and cut it into sections and each of the members created a section in fabric.


I didn’t get any photos at the winery, but we did taste some good wine and I bought a bottle of pinot noir for Judy and her husband as a thank you for the ride.

Next, we met Diane Hock in Healdsburg for lunch at Zin. A highlight were the tempura green beans with mango dipping sauce.

Then, Janet and I stopped by my friend Pat’s house so that I could see her latest work. Pat has an incredible color and design sensibility. I always love seeing her work, of course, I did not take photos.

We barely had time to run home and have a bite to eat before going to the Moonlight Quilter’s meeting to here Tracy Brookshier talk about Japanese quilts. She was in Tokyo in January for their big show and had a wonderful slide show.

On Thursday, we went to the Santa Rosa Quilt Guild meeting — my old guild. One of the mini groups did a presentation of their first and current quilts. They are traditional quilters who do wonderful work and they have a great sense of humor. Then they had the drawings for the two opportunity quilts. One of the guild members won the traditional quilt. I pulled the ticket for the art quilt. It was won by a lovely lady from Healdsburg. So after lunch, Janet and Pam, president of the guild, and I drove to Healdsburg to present her with the quilt. Here are Pam, Janet and the winner with the quilt.


Then it was off to drop in on Diane Hock, again. I got to see some of her latest work hanging in her house — the topography piece and the Eucalyptus leaves that started as piece of plain muslin. I was going to link to them on her blog, but I don’t have time to find them. She also has the new art quilt opportunity quilt at her house as she is doing the binding. This year, the Pointless Sisters did a whole cloth painting of a farmer’s market and it is spectacular.

This morning I had to get up early to take a bus to the Oakland airport for my flight home. My flight was not until 12:20, but I had to take the 7:15 bus which got me in at 9:30. So I had a nice long wait in the terminal.

Here are some photos of the farmland that I took as we neared Portland.



Look at what I found in my kitchen! Mr C ordered this for me. We have been talking for a year about getting this and now it is here and so functional. Mr C said he loved seeing it with food on it tonight! He missed me! (Or my cooking.)


Look at who else missed me. She is attached to my hip.


I had such a good time on my trip — meeting Rayna, taking her class, connecting with old friends, but it is good to be home again.

AQC Day Three

Tuesday, April 17th, 2007

It is actually day four, but I seem to be a day behind all this week. I am leaving tonight, catching a ride to Santa Rosa to stay with my friend, Janet.

Yesterday, we put away our paints and found objects and took part in  Rayna’s  Jump Starting the Art Quilt. She gave us several exercises from which we made small studies.

First, we did lines and colors for four words: anger, calm, confusion and something else (senior moment). We then had to pick one and make a small piece. Here is my confusion:


Next, we did mind mapping which is sort of like free association. She gave us the work hour glass. I went to sand, desert, desolate, etc. I also had time, watch, hurry, run, etc.  We had to select one of the words and make a small study. So here is desert.


Next, she gave us a black and white photo and said to abstract some of the  elements. Mine was a photo in Paris with some sort of wonky sculpture  with round red glass formations. Here is my piece. For this, I used some of the fabric that I had made on the previous day.


For the last exercise, we selected  a phrase from a bag. I got the end of the line. I was creatively wiped out so I did the minimalist piece.


In the afternoon, we had to cut up fabric that we had make and come up with a design for a bigger piece. I finished this one called Broken Circles.


This  morning, I made this piece, titled Zen Structures.


On the batik day, I took this piece of hand-dyed fabric that I inherited from June Underwood.


After batiking an painting, it looked like this.


And this is how the orange piece looked after painting and removing the wax.


I leave you with  last night’s decadent desert, chocolate caramel tart.


AQC Day Two

Monday, April 16th, 2007

Internet service has been spotty and so I finally paid for Wifi so that I can keep up with things and work on the SDA website when I have a few minutes.

Yesterday, we did soy wax batik in our class. Here is the Rayna du jour:


We melted soy wax in an electric frying pan and used all sorts of found objects and printing blocks and tjaps to make wax markings on our fabric. Here are some examples of the stuff we used.



Here is the orange fabric with lots of wax markings.


Here is my paint palette:


Then you wet the fabric and add lots of water to the paint and slather it on with a foam brush.


You can wait for the paint to dry if you want instant gratification or you can put it between newspaper and iron it. It removes the wax, dries the paint and sets the paint.

I will post the final fabric tomorrow. It is very cool.

Here is another piece that I did.


This is the muslin that was covering my work space and had wax imprints and paint. I painted it and love it!


I added some more torn paper forms to this piece to flesh it out.


And for those with a sweet tooth, here is last night’s dessert. I am not sure what it was called.


Today we had a field trip to Stone Mountain and Daughter in downtown Berkeley. We had a bag lunch and got to do some shopping. I can’t believe that tomorrow is our last day of class.

We Interrupt

Sunday, April 15th, 2007

…our regularly scheduled programming to announce that this blog has been nominated for a Thinking Blogger Award by Deb over at Red Shoe Ramblings


That Deb has singled me out, again, as one of her fave blogs, makes this old lady very happy!

Now, the rules are that I need to select 5 blogs for this honor. That is difficult because I have lots of favorites. But these bloggers truly inspire me and make me think.

I have many more blogs and fave bloggers on my list, but these 5, for different reasons, inspire me every time they post something new on their blogs.

I had some internet problems today, but am back on so will catch you up with my Art Quilt Tahoe activities tomorrow.

AQC Day One Cont.

Sunday, April 15th, 2007

Taking a break from soy wax batiking to finish yesterday’s work. Gelatin printing was not on the schedule, but we begged and Rayna made a huge pan of gelatin and cut it up for us to use. Here is my piece of gelatin after much use. It gets better, the more you play with it.gelatinplate.jpg

Here is the process:

Brayer some paint on to the gelatin.


Then, place an object with some dimension on the painted plate.


Place the fabric on the gelatin plate and pat it with your hand. The impression of the object is left on the fabric.


Here is apiece that I gelatin printed in blue.


These will become background pieces for collages or get cut up and used in another way. This is really lots of fun and the possibilities are limitless.

OK! Off to take a walk and work off my Mexican lunch. Then, back to work.