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Studio Work

Thursday, February 7th, 2008

I wish I could show you how gorgeous the art cloth piece is after I dyed it in the strong orange. I accordion folded it lengthwise and then folded it again into a bundle and secured it with rubber bands.


I also threw the scarves in the orange dye bath. They look like this and are ready for some discharge, screen printing or soy wax batiking.


I mixed up some alginate thickener with thiox so that I could do some discharge testing on my small samples. I didn’t get the paste thick enough so I have to mix up another batch tomorrow. Here is my discharge test result. I think a bit of discharge on this piece will add some nice interest. With thicker paste, I can control it better.


I also won another length of Japanese fabric on E-bay. I got an even better price on this one. Pam asked what I will do with the fabric. I will cut some up to use in collaged quilts. Perhaps, I will use some to back those quilts. I might use some for a table runner for my dining room. I could make some gorgeous pillows. I have to see what the quality is once it arrives here from Japan.


It was a pretty nice day in Portland. Some rain drops and lots of long sun breaks.