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Feelin’ Fine

Monday, January 26th, 2009

Thank God for the miracle of antibiotics. I felt better by Friday. I made it back to WW after a month of being snowed in, show stuff and car repairs. I was up 4 ounces – not bad. I also gave up on growing out my hair and went in to see Joseph and got it cut. Here is my latest I-book Photo-booth self portrait.  Oops, no earrings – naked ears!!


I said I wouldn’t post again until I had something creative to show. This afternoon, I started a piece titled “Somewhere, Over the Rainbow.” Here is a sneak peek. I have enjoyed doing some seed stitching with rainbow perle cotton.


Yesterday, we had a family birthday dinner for Mr C. He finished the painting of my office so that he could show it off. I still have some reorganizing to do, but here is a sneak peek. I really love the way the room is shaping up — so fresh and light and airy. It no longer feels like a dungeon.


M & M settled down to watch Myth Busters on the Discovery Channel.


We found out that two bull myths are false. They are not angered by the color red and they walked daintily through a china shop. Mia says the show should be called Myth Blowups!!

The Barnes family gifted Mr C with this beautiful succulent.


I made a delicious dinner of salmon roasted on a bed of potatoes, parsnips and peas and Mr C’s favorite — Carrot Cake.

Today was cold. We awoke to snow covering everything, but this afternoon, the sun came out. Maggie loves to sleep in the sun as it streams in the living room windows.


Finally, I just want to say that I am loving the changes that are coming from the Obama White House. What a difference. He has such a big job on his hands, but I think he is off to a great start. I took this photo on the TV when he was making his inaugural speech.


This and That

Monday, September 1st, 2008

Where have I been? I have been working in the studio. I finished Urban Sunlight (new name) and I have been playing with a piece I am calling Red Sky. Here is a very preliminary layout that I started with.

I have actually started the quilting on the final design.

I am feeling soooo much better since I stopped walking the stubborn old lady dog, Maggie. And, guess what? She is happier, too. I thought I was doing her a favor – dragging her on those long walks. Here is something else that I acquired yesterday that I am loving and is helping my body feel better, too.

These are BMT shoes. I went to The Walking Store to get new shoes and saw these strange looking and very pricey shoes. They are made to simulate walking barefoot in sand. I think it feels like walking on a trampoline. You cannot lock your knees. You are required to have good posture and you use your muscles more efficiently and put less strain on the joints. I love them. They are pretty funny looking. Here is a LINK if you want to find out more about these shoes.

This is filed under: Show Me Yours and I’ll show You Mine. My friend, Terry, recently posted her collection of Political Buttons she found when packing to move to her new home. I have a collection that has moved to several homes with me. I just added a new Obama button to it and I am waiting form my  Obama/Biden to show up soon. the only Republican button I have is Ike. I think he was the last decent Republican president that we have had. You can see that I have a lot of Bill Clinton buttons. It was the first time I actively worked in a campaign. He greatly disappointed me.

Mr C and I were married on Labor Day Week-end 44 years ago. This year it came so early that our anniversary isn’t until next week-end – Friday to be exact. Steph and Jack are going away for the week-end so M & M are going to take us out to dinner on Friday night.

In light of McCain’s VP pick, I have been amusing myself coming up with his cabinet, should he get elected (not). Attorney General: Judge Judy; Secretary of State: the very well traveled Paris Hilton – she must know a lot about the world, she is namd after a foreign city! Secretary of Interior – Martha Stewart. Help me finish this!!

Life is Good

Thursday, July 3rd, 2008

My regime of stretches, icing the bum, ibuprofen and short walks seems to be working. Last night, I was not awakened by pain in my leg, but by a horrendous clap of thunder. I went back to sleep, ignoring the storm, and felt refreshed from my first good night’s sleep in some time. Mr doc ordered vicodin for me, but I don’t think I will even pick it up.

Look at who else is feeling much better. She is checking out the bathroom reno with me, after the tile man left for the day. She is still on antibiotics and pain meds, but she is returning to her normal self. We went for a short walk this afternoon and she was leading the way.

The first coat of paint is on the wall. In that right hand corner will be one of our custom built storage units. Behind Maggie, there will be another built in with drawers below and shelves above and a beautiful granite counter.

Here is another view of the extra large subway tile and the floor. No grouting has been done and there is some tape holding the tile in place. The sinks will go on the wall on the left and the shower is on the right, out of site. The shower pan will be installed on Monday, and then they will start on the mosaic that I designed.

This morning, Stephanie dropped off two of my fave people in the world. Here they are having lunch on the deck.

In the morning, we went to the Dollar Tree. I needed to buy some storage bins for my art tools.

Miles bought some pirate stuff. There is a ring on his other ear. He looks quite fierce. Mia bought colored pens, pencils and another journal – what else.

And, we bought every kind of bubble paraphernalia you can imagine.

And so, the annual bubble fest ensued.

Where did all the bubbles go?

Poor Maggie. There is nothing she loves more than chasing bubbles and jumping in the air and popping them. I made her stay in the house because I didn’t think it was a good activity so soon after her oral surgery. JR’s do not know their limitations, so I had to play the alpha dog.

Tonight, we had dinner at Burgerville. Everyone ate every thing on their plates. After dinner, Mia and I watched the Ace of Cakes on the Food Network — one of her favorite shows. Miles and Mr C started building the Great Lego Wall on the front porch.

Tomorrow, the Portland Clan will gather for a BBQ and then watch fireworks.

Happy Fourth of July!

This and That

Tuesday, July 1st, 2008

Where did Monday go? I did the washout on my remaining fabric from the workshop. I hobbled around the house and the neighborhood like an invalid. (More later) I spiffed up the house, went shopping and put together some appetizers for later. By 3 pm, I had to shower and get ready to greet our friends from Schenectady, where we used to live. They were visiting Bill’s sister in Beaverton and he and his wife, Joy, came by to spend the late afternoon and evening with them. We gave them a tour of the Rhodie garden, which they proclaimed as the best back yard they had ever seen! We came back to the house for drinks and snacks before walking over to Reed College for a picnic on the lawn and a concert of all Schubert music — it was divine. Throughout this, the tile guy laid the bathroom floor; it looks great – photos later. And, we discovered that Maggie had a very swollen cheek:

Now, on to the good stuff. Here is the cotton piece that I stamped the potato dextrin with a net and a plastic grid and over-painted with dark turquoise. You can click the detail to see the wonderful. subtle  netting.

Next, is the yellow/green silk scarf that needed help. I used combed potato dextrin and over-painted with dark turquoise dye.

This piece was pfd cotton. I  screenprinted corn dextrin using a thermofax of a hand drawn circle and stamped with bubblewrap. I rolled on chocolate brown dye.

This is silk organza that was stamped with chocolate brown dye (no resist) using a round sponge. I then squiggled it with black dye.

This habotai silk was painted with dye in the primary colors and generously squiggled with black dye (I have to learn how to control that syringe!).

The last piece is silk organza, painted with left over dyes that I  mixed. It was the last piece and I did not want to mix up more dye.

I just love doing this thickened dye work. I have plans for some more good stuff!!

Back to the goings on here at home. It seems that I have piriformis syndrome causing sciatica pain in my left hip. I couldn’t get physical therapy until July 22 and I am going to be at the Coupeville Art Center  then. So, I did an internet search and found some exercises and other things to do for this. It seems that women who walk or run a lot are more prone to this. I am doing the exercises and icing and I am feeling better. It is worse in the middle of the night when I need to get up or when I have been sitting for some time. Lots of ibuprofen, too.

Maggie went to see her Doctor this morning and she had to have 2 abscessed  teeth removed. She will be out of it for awhile and eating soft foods, but hopefully, she returns to her normal joyful self. I gotta run; I have a communications committee meeting at the cathedral.

Sunshine and Chocolate

Tuesday, January 22nd, 2008

Two of my favorite things in the world. It is still cold, but the landscape is brilliant with clear air and winter sunshine. It streams in the windows and takes away the chill. Maggie loves to find sunshine and just bask in it.


The shrink wrapped windows seem to be working. Maggie and I are quite comfy in the basement.

I have been working on my chocolate piece for the Twelve X Twelve challenge. It is due at the end of this month. I am having fun with this. Sorry, I can’t share too much, but I am taking photos and will share the process later. I will show you this, which may make it into the final piece. I call it chocolate shibori.


I have also been working on my homework for the Better Art by Design class. I had lots of fun tonight cutting up paper and making small compositions.

Thanks for all the positive comments about flipping the latest construction piece. Sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn’t. I am going to keep the latest configuration.

My car is in the shop, getting repaired from the accident I had last month. I won’t have it back until Friday so Mr C and I are sharing the Jeep.