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Made a List

Thursday, March 26th, 2009

Yes, I made a list on paper. The list in the head was not working. I checked off quite a few things — photography for the Line Dancing quilts which I sent to Terry for the CD. I wrote my artist statements for the 2 pieces and sent them to Georgia who is making the labels. I selected two pieces for possible inclusion in the Columbia Fiberarts Guild show at the Contemporary Craft Museum and did the paper work. I also worked on SDA conference registration, of course!!

I am happy to say that Noshi Ribbons was purchased at the last minute today and is going to a new home in Santa Cruz, California. The new owner wants a bamboo rod so I tinted a piece of bamboo with turquoise paint. Fiberart for a Cause has now raised over 17o, 000 for the American Cancer Society. I will alert you when the Collage Mania sale starts.

I did it. Got my hair cut and didn’t get the color. Here I am. Can you see the gray?


I am enjoying the short cut. Makes me feel like spring is here and I can shed the weight of winter.  Next month, I am getting new glasses. Now, if I could just lose the 20 pounds that is plaguing me, life would be great. My headache was not gone, but was much better today.

Feelin’ Fine

Monday, January 26th, 2009

Thank God for the miracle of antibiotics. I felt better by Friday. I made it back to WW after a month of being snowed in, show stuff and car repairs. I was up 4 ounces – not bad. I also gave up on growing out my hair and went in to see Joseph and got it cut. Here is my latest I-book Photo-booth self portrait.  Oops, no earrings – naked ears!!


I said I wouldn’t post again until I had something creative to show. This afternoon, I started a piece titled “Somewhere, Over the Rainbow.” Here is a sneak peek. I have enjoyed doing some seed stitching with rainbow perle cotton.


Yesterday, we had a family birthday dinner for Mr C. He finished the painting of my office so that he could show it off. I still have some reorganizing to do, but here is a sneak peek. I really love the way the room is shaping up — so fresh and light and airy. It no longer feels like a dungeon.


M & M settled down to watch Myth Busters on the Discovery Channel.


We found out that two bull myths are false. They are not angered by the color red and they walked daintily through a china shop. Mia says the show should be called Myth Blowups!!

The Barnes family gifted Mr C with this beautiful succulent.


I made a delicious dinner of salmon roasted on a bed of potatoes, parsnips and peas and Mr C’s favorite — Carrot Cake.

Today was cold. We awoke to snow covering everything, but this afternoon, the sun came out. Maggie loves to sleep in the sun as it streams in the living room windows.


Finally, I just want to say that I am loving the changes that are coming from the Obama White House. What a difference. He has such a big job on his hands, but I think he is off to a great start. I took this photo on the TV when he was making his inaugural speech.


Pink Season In Portland

Wednesday, March 19th, 2008

Spring arrives tonight, and it is in evidence all over my neighborhood. Spring is pink season in Portland. We even have pink snow. These are clickable to see larger. There are more photos on my Portland Pink Season Flickr set.

pinkthree.jpg pinkthirteen.jpg pinksnow.jpg

pinkfive.jpg pinktwelve.jpg pinkeight.jpg

I was so inspired by the pink that I made a pink season collage, using some of my vintake kimono fabrics. The background is hand-dyed. I think I will add some beads to this.


I also finished the other collage that I started at the beach. These both need some stitching.


Steph, Jack and M & M are taking a red-eye to North Carolina tonight. Mr C is taking them to the airport. There was no room for me in the car. I will miss having them here for Easter, but I have a good excuse not to buy candy!

I didn’t lose any weight at WW, but that is ok considering my diet over the week-end. Today, I got my hair cut by Kevin at Carpe Diem. I really like the cut. I think I finally found someone who understood what I wanted – a no-nonsense haircut.

I was able to score tickets to see and hear Obama on Friday morning here in Portland and then I remembered that I have crit group at Terry’s. I am a bit disappointed, but it has been really difficult for us to find a time when we can all be there.

Project Runner

Wednesday, December 12th, 2007

I am sitting here watching Project Runway and thought this would be a great blog title. I am not going to bore you with more pictures of my Mod Christmas Table Runners. Suffice it to say that the quilting is finito. I just have the bindings to cut, machine and hand stitch. I want to FedEx them by the end of the week. I’ll watch some movies and get them finished tomorrow.

The best news of the day is that I lost 1 and a half pounds this week. I think I have worked my way past the plateau I was on.

I survived going to guild today without wearing a paper bag over my head so I just took this photo to show how short my hair was cut.


Shibori Wrap-up

Tuesday, July 31st, 2007

This morning I got my hair dyed and discharged. So now I have some summery highlights in my red hair. It took 2 and a half hours so I feel as if the day is passing me by.

I want to finish uploading and making notes about my shibori pieces as this will serve as my virtual notebook of my work.

Judileigh knew that I was having a carpal tunnel problem which made the arashi wraps very difficult for me. She suggested I try stitching a tube to fit over a pvc pipe. Here is a silk dupioni wrap that I did by pinning and marking. I brought it home and stitched it.


Here it is after dipping in dye:


Here it is coming off the pipe:


Here is part of Sunday’s work. I bought a yard of linen from the school fabric locker. It was a very lightweight and loosely woven linen. I did lots of different techniques so that I will have pieces to collage.


  1. On the left is this scarf (second photo down on the left) wrapped and dipped in indigo.
  2. Next is a piece of red orange dupioni silk folded and clamped with washers and dipped in indigo.
  3. Top of the third row is a piece of the linen. The lines were created by making folds and doing a running stitch along the folds. Then they are drawn up tightly and tied off for dyeing in indigo.
  4. On the left underneath is the heavily stitched piece from earlier in the week that I folded and clamped with circles, probably film container lids.
  5. On the right is another plaid shibori. I used the linen and made half inch vertical folds which I stitched and pressed. Then I did the same thing, horizontally. The fold cause a resist, making lighter areas. The stitching also leaves some lovely fine lines.
  6. Top of the next row is the linen which was folded and clamped with two canning jar lids held in place with rubber bands.
  7. Underneath is the linen that was folded and clamped with different circles.
  8. Top piece in the last row is the dupioni silk that was stitched into a tube to make an arashi wrap.
  9. Beneath are linen that was tie-dyed and folded and clamped with bag clamps. (I am on the look out for these. they are like large barrettes.)

Here are close-ups of some of these pieces.


Here are the remaining 3 pieces:


  1. Top left is a piece of the linen on which I tried to use a piece of bamboo as a resist. I didn’t get the results that I want, but it is a nice organic looking piece of cloth.
  2. The bottom piece was a hand-dyed lime green which I tie-dyed around screws and then arashi wrapped on a pole.
  3. The final piece is the linen which I hand sewed around the pvc pipe for an arashi wrap. I love this piece. Here is a close-up:


My table mate Rita was obsessed with the triangle wrap which I tried on two pieces. She did it on silk first and got the mushy results that I got. She then used cotton and some very precise pressed folds and wrapping. Here is how it looked after coming off the pipe.


Here it is after unwrapping. It is really gorgeous. Her tenacity paid off.


It was interesting to watch all of the working styles. I was after lots of textures and fabrics to use in quilts. Some class members were very project orientated. Some just played and experimented with fabric with no intended use.