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Overwhelming Sadness and Post Cards du Jour

Thursday, September 1st, 2005

The scenes that I am witnessing on the TV and the stories I am  hearing on NPR are breaking my heart. It is difficult to concentrate on anything. I am so furious that I live in a country that would allow citizens to go for days without food, water and medical attention. There is no emergency plan. I now hear that they can take no more people at the Astrodome and there are still thousands waiting and waiting and waiting. This is not right. We have a president who can not comprehend the desperation of people who are breaking into businesses just to survive.

I have many thank you post cards to make and send ?Ǩ to my family back east for their hospitality and to the wonderful people  who have donated to the Relay for Life. So tonight I finished two. I have several in the works, but they will have to stay that way for awhile. Tomorrow, my best quilting friends and I are going to the Marin Quilt show. Then on Saturday, Stevie and I are heading to the Hyatt Regency in North Lake Tahoe to celebrate 41 years of wedded bliss. I won’t be home until Tuesday.

Here are the post cards. The top one is for my niece who gave up her room. Her bathroom has frogs everywhere. The bottom one is for my sis Carole and her super fantastic gardening husband, Jim. I enjoyed the fruits of his labor! And thanks to  Cathy for the veggie fabric which I fussy cut and collaged.


I hope that when I post again that we will see some relief for the folks in NO.

A Touch of Red

Thursday, September 1st, 2005

Karoda said she would like to see a touch of red on my self portrait. I had thought about that and so with the help of photoshop, here it is with a touch of red. What do you think?