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The ABC’s of Me

Sunday, June 11th, 2006

I first saw this on DebR’s blog; then Teri tagged me so here goes – my diversion from cutting and fusing crosses.

Accent -I have lived in the northeast, California, North Carolina and now Portland. This is the first place where someone has told me I had an accent!! In fact, someone who thought he could identify any accent could not peg mine. But get me on the phone with one of my sisters and I am right back in upstate NY!

Booze – I am a wino – love Sauvignon Blanc or Pinot Gris – love it cold and acerbic. I am ABC when it comes to white wine – Anything But Chardonnay. I love Pinot Noir – love, love it. In the winter, I love a glass of dry sherry – none of that sweet stuff. The only  hard stuff I drink is Oban Single Malt Scotch.

Chore I hate – Housecleaning of any kind. I would hire a housekeeper, but Mr C would rather do it than have someone come in – go figure!

Dog/cat – My  love, Maggie, the JR. I love cats, but Mr C and Maggie don’t!!

Essential electronics – My two Mac’s, Walkman, DVR player, my cell phone in the car for security.

Favorite perfume – I abhor perfume! I can’t believe it when I go walking in the fresh air and some woman prances by reeking of perfume – what is she trying to hide?

Gold/silver – I love sterling silver. I have a few gold pieces. I am allergic to cheap jewelry with nickel – I break out in eczema.

Hometown – Cincinnatus, NY. I am going back for my 50th high school reunion this summer.

Insomnia – Sometimes, yes, especially if I  drink a diet Coke after 12 noon.

Job title – Web Administrator and Quilt Artist

Kid(s)– Three great human beings call me Mom – Mark, Lisa and Stephanie.

Living arrangements – A mid-century modern ranch in the burbs of Portland with an awesome studio for my creative pleasure.

Most admirable trait – My smile.

Number of countries visited
– Ten, I think: US, Mexico, Canada, England, Scotland, France, Belgium Switzerland, Italy, Germany, Monaco – no it is 11. Whoops, I forgot Luxembourg, Portugal and Spain –  make that 14!

Overnight hospital stays
– Oh, 6 or 7. Three babies, a hysterectomy, two mastectomies, breast reconstruction and couple of minor skirmishes.

Phobias – Down escalators, close, small places, the dark.

QuoteMy quilts, my rules! ?Ǩ unknown

Religion – A Protestant mutt!! Started life as a Methodist, then Congregational (Church of Christ), followed by Presbyterian. After I married Mr. C, I became a Lutheran. Now we are happily Episcopalian and plan to remain so. A church where you do not check your brain at the door.

Siblings – Three sisters and one brother. I am the oldest.

Time you usually wake – Seven am on the dot!

Unusual talent – You’ve got me!

Vegetable I refuse to eat – There is none. I love my veggies.

Worst habit – Playing computer games when I should be working.

X-rays – I’ve had so many that I glow in the dark!

Yummy foods I make – Just about anything and everything. I love to cook and I cook good!

– Libra.

I am not tagging anyone in particular, but as memes go, this was fairly easy to do so I encourage you to tag yourself and give it a try.

I have managed to get way over 10,000 steps in over the past few days. I got a new state of the art pedometer that works even when you don’t have set absolutely perfectly on  your waist bad. It even keeps a separate record of  your aerobic steps – you have to be making 60 steps or more per minute. I really like it. We are going to have rain all week so it will be a challenge to get the steps in.

I had to buy some new clothes this week-end. One of the fringe benefits of walking 10,00 steps a day is losing weight. I am down about 10 pounds. – yippee!