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Too Durn Hot

Sunday, June 25th, 2006

We set a heat record in Portland today and I will not be walking 10,000 steps – only made it to 8700. It was 100?Ǭ? – very unusual.

Yesterday we had our garage sale and made just under $100 getting other people to take our discards off our hands. The rest is going to Goodwill, except for a couple of straw hats and some jewelry that M & M took. I have not been good about having my camera on hand this week-end so you just have to imagine them in a couple of my straw hats from former days.

This afternoon, Mr C and I went to the Lake Oswego Arts Festival. Even though it was very hot, it was a fun trip. We saw some great art and I felt energized and inspired to create some new art of my own. At one booth, I saw this pottery in colors I loved. I told Mr C that I wanted to paint the kitchen in those colors so he said I better buy a piece so that we would remember. I was so excited that he agreed with my color choice. Here is the mug I purchased:


So the kitchen will be that paler green and the yummy red. Can’t wait for that.

This next week will be one of getting my act together. I need to finish some organizing upstairs in the kitchen and laundry room. I need to finish hanging some art. My computer desk is a total disaster. I need to get the studio back in shape so that I can get some new work done. I put a lot on hold while I put my energies toward the commission quilt.