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Every Thing is…

Sunday, May 24th, 2009

up to date in Kansas City. This is a very pretty city. Around the Art Institue, there are art museums and outdoor sculpture galore. Here is Judy posing with on of my favorites.judybethechange

I arrived here with mucho baggage on Friday afternoon and got settled into my room and ordered room service. I set to work alphabetizing the name badges.  I pulled out the names for the workshops starting the next day so that they could be ready and  easily located. I had to arise at 4 am, Portland time, to get breakfast and set up the registration table. The hotel is undergoing renovation and just reopened the restaurant. I was the firs guest and was given a free breakfast and had my photo taken with the adorable manager, Solomon.

I had some great helpers and we were able to get the rest of the name tags stuffed and added the special ribbons. So now we are set for every one to show up. I have not had too many glitches. I had a nice dinner with Judy last night and a good night’s sleep. Today, I don’t have much to do because Judy is in her class and there is not much happening.


Here is the goody bag that everyone is receiving. I love our new logo.


The workshops are held at the Kansas City Art Institute.


My class with Alice Kettle is starting tomorrow. I just took my supplies to the room because I will be busy with registration right up until the class begins. She is so adorable and calm and friendly. The class room is all set up and looks delightful:



Our room at the Marriott is pretty nice, too. Here is the bed with lots of soft pillows for lounging. Too bad we don’t get much time to do that.


Hope you are all having a nice memorial day week-end. I have some tidying up to do and then there is a rumor of a happy hour in Kerr Grabowski’s class room at 4:30. I think I will crash that.