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A Scrappy Landscape

Tuesday, May 5th, 2009

I really don’t know if I will get back to bona fide studio work until I am finished with my responsibilities at the SDA Conference at the end of this month. In the meantime, running into my studio for some scrap play, makes me happy. Tonight, I was feeling really tired. I had been at the computer most of yesterday and today, catching up on registration work and updating the SDA website. This afternoon, Mr C and I went down to Trinity Cathedral to help hang the Artists Among Us show, happening this week-end. I have no work in the show, been too busy!!

I watched Idol and voted several times for Adam. I wanted to just call it a night, but didn’t. I grabbed a piece of batting and went to work … er … play. The piece I picked up was long and narrow, about 2 and a half inches wide. Today, my friend Diane blogged about the Sonoma County landscape. I guess that was on my mind because I did this funky piece that is very reminiscent of the valley where we used to live.


A funny thing happened. I donated one of my scarves to the silent auction this week-end which will go to support the arts at Trinity. I took it in on Saturday and left it behind the stage in the hall where the shows are held. I thought I put it in the arts box, but I couldn’t find a light switch. Long story, short — they couldn’t find it. We looked and looked. It turns out there were some boxes of donations to the pantry that had been put back there. They had been removed at some point between Saturday and Monday evening. Steve and I then went to the pantry storage room and finally found it.

I know she is sound asleep in New York State, so I am going to wish my sister, Carole, a happy birthday when she wakes up tomorrow and checks in on the blog!!  Hippo Birdy, Sis.