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Wednesday, May 13th, 2009


A 5 month old puppy requires almost as much attention as a 5 month old child. Scooter is adjusting well to our household. He wants Maggie to play with him and she just isn’t into that – cranky old lady. He kept us up the first night. The second night I got the idea to have talk radio (progressive, of course) near his crate. At 3:30, he was howling again. The station had gone off the air so I found one on all night. Last night he was quiet all night long. He is learning to walk on a leash. Today, we had a good 45 minute aerobic walk. He loves to stop and say hi to other dogs which Maggie never has cared to do. We are working on the housebreaking. It requires someone to watch him at all times for visual cues that he needs to go. As I said, we are working on it. He is now playing with all of his toys and running up and down the basement stairs to hang out with me. I am his favorite person. I don’t know how he will take my leaving for almost 2 weeks. Here he is in the studio with me. He got an aok from the vet.


I can’t believe how fast this month is flying by. I leave for Kansas City in a week from Friday. I have a lot to do before then. Today, I did my thermofax test prints for Jane Dunnewold. She posted on the Complex Cloth list for volunteers who have a thermofax to do some prints using different paint spreaders, including one that she sent us. Here are my prints. I used red Versatex Acrylic printing ink on muslin.

First is the print made with the paint spreader sent by Jane. It was the best print, I have to admit. It is one of those plastic thingies for creating texture in paint, but we used the smooth edge.


This is what I usually use on a small screen, a credit card. Not so good.


This is a Bondo spreader. It is thicker than the other paint spreader and was not as good.


A lot of people use a foam paint brush for the screens, this created very uneven printing.


I went in to get my hair cut and the color back. I tried going gray and that was how I felt, gray and old. So, here I am, red again.


Tomorrow, I have STASH at Reva’s. M & M are getting to meet Scooter tomorrow, for the first time. I am sure it will be love at first sight.