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Fiber Art in About an Hour

Thursday, May 7th, 2009

Here is Scrap 050709. These little pieces are taking me about an hour. I try to work quickly, not over thinking. I pull out a fused scrap and let it lead me to the design for the night. Tonight it was the background fabric that looked like a forest on fire.


Doing these little pieces is saving my sanity. I can do something fun and creative when I have a spare hour.

Today was play-date with Mia day. Miles has a special group thing on Thursdays. I get to have time with Mia and make dinner for the family. Tonight it was lamb moussaka. It was so delicious. Mia had a very rigorous field trip to downtown Portland where they toured city hall among other sites. She was too tired to do anything but veg in front of the TV.

A very rainy morning turned into a lovely afternoon and evening. I was able to get in two 30 minute walks.

Mr C hung the woodblock print that I purchased from the latest Trinity show. We hung it over the family room fireplace. The room has so many windows, it was hard to get a photo without reflections and a glare. Here are two views.



Tomorrow night is the opening reception for the Trinity Artist’s Among Us show and sale. I do not have work there, but I am working.