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Rainy July Day

Sunday, July 17th, 2011

Today felt a bit like winter in the northwest as it was in the 50s and pouring rain most of the day. We lost power late in the morning. We took a walk and found a huge limb from a tree two streets away had come down and taken some power lines with it.

Mark left us this morning. Mr C is going to finish the remaining deck work, particularly between the house and the garage. It was great to have him to do this job and just get to spend some time with him. Here is the way it looks, now, ready for the rails to be installed on Thursday or Friday — just in time for some real summer weather, I hope.

Here is the view from the dining room.

As a reminder, this is what it used to look like.

This was taken when Mr C started the demo.

The photo at the top is one of the little tree sketches that I am finishing for the High Fiber Diet show which opens later this month. We can have small pieces for sale at the venue. I have to turn them in on Tuesday night so I thought I should get busy with the handstitching.