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Monday Meet-up

Monday, July 11th, 2011

Today was a great day! In the photo above, looking at Terry’s 12 X 12 quilts are Tomme Fent, Jane Davila and June Underwood. We had a great time talking and eating lunch at Terry’s home. Jane was on her way home after teaching in Sisters this past week. Tomme recently moved here from Iowa and the other of us are of course the home town trio. I was thrilled to see Jane in person as we have been internet friends for a long time.

This morning, I saw Lisa and Clay off for their drive back to San Francisco. Wilfredo was in the car, ready to roll.

Work on the deck is moving along. Mark finished most of the framing today, and Mr C started oiling the decking hard wood which is called Ipe. I love the color.

They will start installing it tomorrow.

Last night, the whole family went out for pizza. We had left overs to bring home for lunch for the guys today. Mr C went to bed before I did. When I came into the room, he groggily announced that the pizza was still in his car. I had already taken my clothes off so he went to get the pizza into the fridge. I reminded him that I had set the alarm. All of a sudden, this horrible screeching sound had all of us running from our rooms to the hallway. Clay had the good sense to run down to the kitchen counter and hit the stop button on the alarm remote. Mr C thought he had turned it off. We now realize that the sound of the alarm is so distressing that no one could stand to do anything like rob a house while it is going on. It is really awful. At least I know what it sounds like now. And Clay stopped it soon enough that the call did not go to the police.

Gotta stop and do my post for the Twelve X  Twelve reveal tomorrow.