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SAQA Benefit Auction

Sunday, September 18th, 2011

Tomorrow the second group of quilts is available for $750 each. The price goes down each day, ending with $75 on Saturday. This is my offering – Klee’s Castles – which is unlike most of my work. I have always done something out of the box for the auction. I have always been honored to have my work purchased early in the bidding process. One year, I had a piece purchased on the first day. It is always nerve wracking for me.

Terri Stegmiller, who is one of the Twelves, has a cute bird that I love. The colors are so soothing.

There are a few luminaries of the fiber world in this group.

Judith Content:

Sue Benner:

Virginia Spiegel:

Jamie Fingal:

To see all of the quilts and make a bid, HERE is the link.